Multipurpose 360 Degree Bench Vice


Every hobbyist needs a sturdy tool to firmly grip while you are drilling or soldering or gluing bits in place, we present a well machined product which is fit for the job.

This is an indispensable tool for the work bench. The Vice is built of Aluminium alloy and has a wide jaw 50mm wide and 80mm long.

The bence vice is a versatile tool and its applications are many, the tool provides stability and grip to perform precision tasks. The tool provides a sturdy base to get on with the job at hand.


  • Applying Glue
  • Metal Works
  • Sawing
  • Drilling
  • Sandpapering
  • Cutting
  • Soldering

Features : 
Aluminum alloy casting.
360°rotating universal clamp,flexible body, strong and durable.
Ideal for Drilling, soldering, painting, wood working jobs
Easy to work with


Material : Aluminum Alloy
Weight : 820g
Width of binding clip : 80mm
Maximum Opening of Binding Clip : 50mm
Maximum thickness of Setting : 55mm

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Price: $69.00
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