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LightDrive: Solar powered magnetically levitating machine


Solar power is one of the most abundant sources of energy, Light Drive uses the solar power to drive a tiny motor which is magnetically levitated.

This model blends in multiple technologies together to achieve its operation. It uses magnetic levitation to create a very low friction rotation mechanism which allows it to spin for a very long time with the smallest amount of sunshine.

This makes it a great science toy to have on your desk and have it spinning for hours on end with a glimmer of sunshine.

Inside the LightDrive is a simple Mendocino motor which is clever system developed by Daryl Chapin from Bell Labs, it has been refined many times over  to get to the LightDrive.

The 4 donut magnets provide the magnetic suspension and the pancake like magnet on the bottom provides the magnetic field for the solar motor.

One end of the motor is entirely suspended in air due to the magnetic fields from the donut magnets and hence the magnet has the least amount of friction when running.

This is great science toy for the inquisitive mind which give you hours of fun as well as displays the concepts of magnetic levitation and highly efficient Solar powered motor.


Price: $89.90

WiFi Temperature and Humidity Data logger: Monitor and Record Climate Data Remotely


Dataloggers are great tools which allows you to measure changes in parameters over time, Be it to track the change of weather over time or monitor the temperature and humidity in your green house the datalogger is the tool for the job.

We present a datalogger which has been tested to run 5 months on a single charge of battery. The datalogger works over wifi and provides a great graphical interface for you to view the data.

Not only does it show the live temperature and humidity, it also shows the battery level.

Email alerts:

You can set email alerts for low or high temperature & humidity events.

This allows you to act fast when the temperature of humidity goes outside the safe limits and could damage plants or electronic hardware the datalogger is monitoring.

The email alerts can be configured here:

Datalogger email alert setup

View the live graph here

Other applications of dataloggers:

  • Food processing: Monitoring temperature of food, cooking etc
  • Scientific and Industrial research
  • Monitoring buildings: Measuring the temperature and humidity in public buildings, galleries, homes and warehouses
  • Automotive: Monitoring temperature during vehicle testing
  • Environment & Weather: Monitoring weather and environment for changes over time
  • Datacenters: Monitoring server room temperatures

Our loggers have been used to measure home insulation by tracking the temperatures outside the home vs inside the home to get the insulation characteristics of new home builds,

It can be used for frost detection in orchards and greenhouses. If you are into weather, there is no better tool to track the changes in weather over time and keep an eye on trends.

The logger allows to download the past data in Excel viewable format with.

Download & View sample data collected from datalogger


Temperature sensor : DHT 22

Absolute accuracy: ±2%

Repeatability: ±1%

Long term stability: ±0.5% per year

Battery Life : 150 days on full charge ( approx 5 months)

Battery type: 1 x 18650

NOTE: Battery is not included


1. How does the datalogger work?

    The wifi datalogger collects temperature and humidity samples every 15 minutes and uploads the data on to our cloud server,

    Each logger has a unique key to identify it (it is provided  on purchase), this key can be used to download and view its data from a browser or mobile phone.

2. How do I view the live data from the logger?

    Each logger has a unique key which is provided on purchase.

    To view the graph use below link:

    To download the excel readable data collected so far:

3. How do I setup the datalogger to connect to my Wifi?

    Steps to setup the datalogger to connect to your wifi can be found here

4. Is this product ready to use, is any assembly required ?

    Yes, once you put the batteries and configure the Wifi its ready to go, no assembly is required.

5. Can this logger connect to other sensors, like voltage, soil moisture etc?

    Yes, the logger is designed to connect a variety of sensors, based on a minimum order quantity we can build loggers with your required sensors.

6. Can I get alerts when the temperature or humidity goes outside a certain level?

   Yes, this datalogger comes with a tool which allows you to setup email alerts when the temperature or humidity goes outside limits set by you.

   You will get an alert email for every sample collected by the logger which is outside the set levels. You can setup the alerts in the below link:

Datalogger email alert setup

7. Can I view the live data from anywhere?

Yes. The data from these loggers are hosted in the cloud, hence making it possible to view it anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.

8. How long do you keep the data logger data ?

All data from the datalogger can be downloaded from the below link,

We try to keep backups of data of all loggers upto 6 months from present, If you would like to store data for longer than 6 months then downloading the data from above link would

allow you to maintain longer backups.

8. Where is this datalogger designed and built?

The WifiLog data logger is designed and built in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Price: $189.00

Fingerprint scanner : door security kit


Having problems with memorising the password? Forgetting the combination code?
With the Fingerprint Sensor Kit you can protect your treasures or secrets using your biometric ID.
ie your fingerprint.

Fingerprint is your unique signature which you carry with you everywhere you go, so unique that you
can use it to open locks and use it as your password.

It is complicated to build a complete system to do your own fingerprint sensing and integrate it with a lock,
For this reason we bring a complete kitset with step by step instructions to get going a Biometric fingerprint kit
which can open a door lock.

Our Kit in action - Biometric Door Lock:

Fingerprint scanner, biometric system, biometric devices, attendance system, fingerprint reader, fingerprint technology, biometric card, fingerprint attendance system, fingerprint login,


1. Adding fingerprints to the reader

2. Assembling the fingerprint scanner kit parts and testing it works

3. Building the complete biometric kit with scanner and a OLED display


Price: $149.00

Sand Beast: Wind powered mechanical walking robot


For the past 20 years, Dutch artist Theo Jansen has been perfecting a new form of life—the “Strandbeest.”

Like a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci, Jansen has applied both artistic and engineering skills to create the giant mechanical creatures that can walk on their own, powered only by the wind.

“Strandbeests”—or “beach animals”—consist of skeletons fashioned from lightweight PVC tubes. Wind propels their wing-like sails, which then drives their feet to walk sideways. Created on the Dutch seaside, the strandbeests know to avoid water, walking in the opposite direction as soon as it comes in contact with their feelers.

We bring to you a kit which encompasses the creativity and the engineering involved in the StrandBeest into a tabletop kit.

These mini versions of his giant contraptions come with detailed instructions. The Strandbeest (strand as in beach because it was made to walk on sand), an 8" x 6-5/8" x 4-1/4", 117-part wind-powered automaton.

Video: The kit explained 


It walks using wind power, you can get it walking even by blowing against the propeller

No batteries needed

Great gift for the inquisitive mind

Material: Plastic

Age: 7-18 age

Height (back of the beast): 11cm (4.3")

Height (top of propeller): 17cm (6.7")

Width: 13cm (5.1")

Length: 20cm (7.9")


Price: $49.00

Wireless Sensor and Data Logger kit


What can this box do?

This kit takes measurement of its two precision temperature sensors, and logs the data to a SD card. Both real time readings and stored data can be sent wirelessly to a PC.

How is it useful?

One of the two temperature sensors is located inside the box, and the other one outside on a 1.2 meter cable. By locating the two temperature sensors in two different areas (e.g. indoor and under floor). We can see the temperature variations of the two areas over time. One good use case is to measure how good your home insulation is. Having said that, this kit is designed with DIY in mind. Extra sensors can be added very easily, and soldering is minimum because of the use of the sensor shield. By adding a humidity sensor, light sensor, wind speed sensor etc, this box can be turned into a wireless weather station!

What is included in this kit?

This wireless sensor and data logger kit embodies a few very cool technologies: Real Time Clock, SD Card read/write, Bluetooth and one wire digital temperature sensor. Not only can it be easily turned into a general purpose wireless sensor logger, it also is a fantastic educational kit after all. This kit includes all the neccessary bits to construct a fully working wireless sensor logger, the package includes:

  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • Arduino Mega sensor and servo shield
  • USB cable
  • Real Time Clock module (onboard temperature sensor incl.)
  • SD card module
  • Kingston SD Card 1 GB
  • Bluetooth module
  • Temperature sensor
  • Waterproof case
  • Cable gland x 2
  • Some wires and accessories

Follow this 3-step tutorial to assemble this amazing kit.

Step 1: Interfacing Real Time Clock and Temperature sensor to Arduino Mega

Step 2: Interfacing SD Card Module to Arduino Mega

Step 3: Interfacing Bluetooth Module to Arduino Mega


Price: $199.00

WiFi Switch: Turn your kettle on from your mobile


There isn't a cleaner way to control something through the internet than using this WiFi Universal Power Adapter. It's super easy to setup and use. Think off things you can control on/off by your cellphone, or computer , usage of this plug is only limited by your imagination.

Plug in the device you want into this socket and you are free to turn it ON from anywhere with your phone.

The app is designed to allow adding multiple sockets in your house and label them "Kettle", "Lights", "Heater" etc 

Effectively with this device you have the control of you entire home right in your pocket.

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Price: $59.99

Web Switch - Turn ON your kettle from the internet


Web Switch: Control your kettle or any power appliance from the internet!!

This cool kit allows you to control any electric appliance from the internet.
What does that mean ?
That means you can turn ON/OFF any appliance at your home from your iphone, Android, ipad, PC or laptop from Anywhere in the world..As long as you have access to a web browser.
Woooo..aint that an amazing power to lay your hands on.
Kit contents:


                  Arduino                              Ethernet shield                                      


        Sensor Shield                                       Relay Module 

Completed kit looks like this:


Tutorial link

Video of working kit :


Price: $109.00
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