Consulting Service

About us:

We are profession­al engineers and founders of who have more than 18 years experience working in domains of networking­, embedded and Android systems. 

What we do:

Clients come to us with a problems like :
  • Prototype development for Startups
  • Monitoring refrigeration units and sending alert on malfunction
  • Control farm's irrigation from smart phone
  • Automated honey filling system
  • Remote soil moisture monitoring
  • Vehicle speed monitoring and diagnostics
  • Home automation ( control sprinklers, garage door, lights etc )
  • Automated Cattle identification & Weighing 
  • Smart weighscales 
  • Adding Wifi access to existing products

We help with building a solution which solves the problem in cost efficient manner.

More details of consulting services and projects can be found here

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We do Arduino development, Arduino application development and Arduino design.

Lot of our systems are also build on Raspberry pi’s, we engage in Raspberry pi development , Raspberry pi application development, Raspberry pi software development, Raspberry pi design and Product development.

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