Need a Job?

Hobbyist is looking for enthusiasts who love building kits

There are 4 roles which we are looking out for:

  • Have you built something cool and would like to show it off ?
  • We are keen to showcase interesting projects on our website
  • You let us know the project you have done and follow it up with an article detailing what you have done to be published on
  • We will sponsor the cost of materials for the project
  • What kind of projects are we interested in? We are open to ideas, give us a buzz, you could be our next pick
Kit Developer

  • Hobbyist sponsors and pays for all the kit and materials 
  • You get paid for having fun and building the kit
  • Work flexible hours in the comfort of your home
  • You can suggest kits which you find cool, we will pay you for building it

Product Lister

  • Good understanding of technology, and a passion for gadgets
  • Excellent writing skills to write great listings for technology products
  • An eye for details and finding creative uses of the item you are listing
  • To start you can give us a sample listing you have created and if we like it you are good to go

Kit Tester

  • You will build a already developed kit using instructions & hardware we provide
  • Suggest areas of improvement in documentation
  • Have a play and get free hardware

How to start?

Tell us about
  • Yourself
  • Projects you have done ( if possible links to any of your published projects/blog )
What things you have done leaves a much greater impression than any qualifications. So if you have pics or snippets of projects you have done, Dont miss out on including them.

Drop us a mail at with above information and you will pretty soon be building cool projects with Hobbyist.
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