3D printer kill switch: Essential when print goes bad


The 3D printer is an amazing tool which allows any design to be given a physical shape, But it is also prone to errors.

A few times you shoot a print and come back to see it half done in a tangled mess of plastic, this is the time you want to cleanly power of the printer without having

to open the printing software and struggle to get the print stopped on its tracks.

 We provide a nice tool for this job which is a latching press button kill switch, you press it to kill the power to the printer.

Once you clean up the job gone wrong and all you need to do is twist the switch and its back to operation.


  • 3D printer
  • CNC machines
  • Motors
  • Industrial machines
  • Pumps
There are 2 ways to wire the kill switch

Kill switch on 12V power:

The switch is connected between the 12V power supply and the printer, making it easy to wire.

Connect the +ve coming from DC power supply to port 1 and port 2 is connected to the +ve going to the 3D printer.

Kill switch as a traditional 230V switch:

In this configuration the switch acts like a traditional mains switch and cuts of power to the 3D printer.

It is reccomended for safety reasons to have an electrician to wire the kill switch for this configuration.

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Price: $29.99
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