LCD Shield


This LCD has a resolution of 84 by 48 pixels, with a blue back light. It can easily display six rows of fourteen alphanumeric characters, or two rows of six very large characters. Furthermore, it can display bitmap images that are appropriately sized.

It also has a 5 degree of movement Joystick, and a cool blue backlit LCD screen.

Making it easy to write up menus and click on them as you go. 
LCD shield give your project a Wow factor, last but not the least, it allows you to debug your programme while its running.... 

This demo sketch can get you started using this LCD shield.

The library can be downloaded from here

NOTE: this library doesn't work with Arduino 1.0 software, please use Arduino software version 0022 or 0023.

First unzipped the LCD4884Lib.rar, then copy the sub-directory "LCD4884" and paste it to the directory "libraries" under the Arduino software directory.
Then launch the Arduino software, files -> examples -> LCD4884->LCD4884_menu


  • Power Supply: 5V
  • SPI Interface (using Arduino Digital Pin 2,3,4,5,6)
  • One Reset button
  • One 5 degree joystick (using Arduino Analog Pin 0)
  • Backlit control (Arduino DIO Pin 7)
  • Image generation library: Image2Code




Price: $35.00
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