Arduino Starter Kit - Tutorials included


This starter kit comes with all the bits you need to create interesting arduino projects and

to explore the potential of the arduino platform.

 The kit comes with the following:

  • Batch of 20+ multicoloured wires

  • Breadboard

  • 16x2 Blue backlight LCD module

  • 3 Potentiometer ( to create analog sensors and joysticks )

  • 6 Switches

  • Red, Green, Yellow, Pure White led packs ( 12 LED's )

  • 6 packs of Resistors

  • 6 multicolor switch caps to make a colourful interface for the kit

  • Arduino Uno compatible

  • USB cable

Things you can do with this kit:

- LCD menu controlled by potentiometer Joystick

- Lights which dance to music or to timed patterns

- LED Cube

- LCD ping pong with touchbutton interface

and many more only limited by your imagination...

Things to do with the starter kit:
1. Building a traffic light with Arduino + LED's

Add on challenge: Modify the above code to support a pedestrian press button for crossing

2. Building a hit counter using Arduino + LCD + Click switch

Add on challenge: Modify the above code to make a stop watch

3. Building an interactive jumping man Game using Arduino + LCD + Switch

Add on: Change the moving blocks in the above game to make pacman style monsters

4. 2 player pingpong game using Arduino + 2 x Potentiometer as joystick

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Price: $59.90
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