Battery Charge indicator


Battery Level & Charge Indicator


This is a compact and handheld tester for automotive car batteries. The device can be used to test the status of the car battery (12V) as well as the alternator connected to it.

The unit has a handheld panel and two connectors with alligator clamps at the end. The red colored end needs to be connected to the red (or positive) terminal of the battery and the black end needs to be connected to the black (or negative) terminal of the battery.

On connecting, the respective lights will be lit or will be flashing, indicating the battery status and alternator status. Read out chart is provided to understand the results and diagnosis of the battery unit. 


The device can be used for 

  • 12V lead acid batteries 
  • Hardtop batteries 
  • Discharge batteries; and 
  • Maintenance free batteries 

Battery basics: 

As all motorists know, the battery in a vehicle is the heart of the functional units. Typical automotive batteries last 2 to 4 years depending on usage and storage, while the batteries in 2 wheelers tend to last a bit longer. 

Most of the batteries in cars are 12V units with two terminals, one positive and one negative, that connects to the vehicle engine and other electrical devices inside, such as lamps, indicators and driver display panels. 

During winter: During winter, or when the vehicle is parked without usage for a long time (more than 2 weeks), the battery charge tends to deplete and this needs to be monitored so that the vehicle will start back up properly when needed. 

Human errors: Another typical situation that can happen is when the roof lamp inside the vehicle is left ON overnight, or a door is left ajar (and the door lamp stays on). Next morning, the battery is depleted and the vehicle may not start easily. In such situations, this handy device can tell you how much depleted the battery is, and more importantly, it can tell you later (once the battery is charged again) that the battery is in good shape and does not need a replacement (saving you from buying a new battery and spending unnecessarily).

Preventative Maintenance: Also, towards the end of life of the battery, preventative check up once a month will let the owner know if the recharging capacity is getting to dangerous levels when the battery needs to be changed. 

How it works: Typical batteries used in automobiles are made of smaller batteries, hence sometimes referred to as a battery pack. Over time, each of the smaller units stop functioning, and this results in a drop of effective voltage output. This is what is monitored by the handheld unit. When the effective voltage output drops below the minimum required levels, it is time to change the battery and install a new one.

Product testing: The device can also be used to test brand new batteries when you purchase them, to ensure that it does provide the required output as per design.


The device itself requires almost minimal maintenance, as there is no battery component in the device. The electronics panel is built sturdy enough that the unit does not get hot when used.  

It is recommended to store the device in a dry, cool place, away from sunlight.


Reading out the results: 

Readers can use the chart provided below as a guide to read out the diagnostic results.

The top two LEDs (one Red and one Green) indicate the health of the alternator.

The middle three LEDs (one Green, one Yellow and one Red) indicate the charge level in the battery.

The bottom LED (one Green), indicates the battery health before charge.


Technical details

Voltage measured: 12V max

Current limits: 15A max

Length of wire: 25 cm (¼ meter)

Cable material: Copper

Cable wire dimensions: 0.06

Number of LED lights: 6 total (2R, 1Y and 3G)


Unit Dimensions: 

Dimensions: 12 cm x 5 cm x 2 cm



1. How does the device test the alternator?

When you connect the leads of the device to the battery that is part of a vehicle, the cables from the battery are already connected to the alternator. So when the device leads are connected to the battery terminals, it can measure both the battery charge and the alternator status. Ensure that you do not disconnect the leads from the battery to the car.



Price: $29.99
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