Bluetooth Module (Master)


Bluetooth Module (Master):

This is the HC-06 Bluetooth module, master. It can talk to the HC-06 Bluetooth module, device.

Please note:

  • HC-06 master can only connect to HC-06 device.
  • The role of a HC-06 Bluetooth module master and a HC-06 Bluetooth device cannot be interchanged, its defifined in its firmware, which is proprietary.
  • The name of the master module cannot be changed, and other commands are the same as the device module.

Once the master detects a slave module with the same paring code, it will establish the connection. and next time, even after power down, once the master module detect the same slave module, it will automatically connect to it even other slave modules are also nearby. The master module recognizes that specific slave module through it's MAC number. A master module that is mated with a slave module has a slow flashing LED. Once connection established, its LED stays on. To reset the MAC number, press the button on the master module, or give the 'key/wake' pin a logic high impulse. Once it's reset, and if there are more multiple slave modules in the vicinity with the same paring code, the master module will randomly pick one to connect, and will again, lock into that module until the reset button is pressed.




Price: $25.99
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