Nokia Color LCD shield for Arduino


For some applications a bit of color can make all the difference! Here you go, this is colored version of the Arduino LCD shield. It comes with three push buttons on the topper for user inputs.

Now you can run an interactive color application on the Arduino, taking the COOLNESS to a new level....

This 132x132 mini color LCD is a perfect match for the  portable application. Please be gentle with it and handle it with care.

This inexpensive LCD comes with a powerful white LED backlight and a relatively simple serial interface.

Frame Dimensions: 1.35x1.58"
Active Display Dimensions: 1.2"x1.2"


  • LCD Logic - 3.3V @ 2-3mA
  • LED Backlight - 7V @ 40-50mA (very bright)
  • Full 4,096 Color Display
  • Uses the Epson S1D15G10 or Philips PCF8833 Controller (we cannot guarantee which one you will receive, please see Jim Lynch's tutorial below as to why)


Pin Out (use the numbering visible on the display connector):

  1. VCC-Digital (3.3V)
  2. RESET
  3. SDATA
  4. SCK
  5. CS
  6. VCC-Display (3.3V)
  7. N/C
  8. GND
  9. LED GND
  10. LED V+ (6-7V)



Price: $45.00
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