Sound level - Decibel Meter


This Decibel Meter is ideal for measuring sound levels  from 31.5Hz to 8KHz. Its powered by 3 x AAA Batteries and is compact and easy to carry.

The measuring range of this device is 30 - 130dbA with an accuracy of +/- 1.5dB.

It comes with a sound sock and manual for operating instructions.


  • Determining exhaust decibels of vehicles
  • Car audio installers
  • Audio level and sound planning for Clubs and public addressing
  • Noise Testing for equipment 
  • Road traffic noise sensing
  • Sound barrier effectiveness testing
  • Environmenal noise
  • Factory machinery noise
  • Stereo equipment testing


Measuring Range: 30~130dBA

Accuracy : ±1.5dB

Frequency Response: 31.5Hz~8KHz

Frequency Weighting Features: A Weighting

Resolution: 0.1dB

Working Temperature and Humidity: 0~40degree,10~80%RH

Storage Temperature and Humidity: -10~60 degree ,0~90%RH

Power Source : 3*1.5V AAA Batteries ( not included )

Weight: 84.08g(Excluding Battery )

External Dimension:50*33*159.5mm

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Price: $45.99
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