Arduino Uno Protoshield Combo


This COMBO Includes

- Arduino UNO

- Protoshield plugin module  
   - A must have! Makes it easy to wire up any circuit
     to the Arduino.

-  Breadboard which fits right in the protoshield.
    - You can wire up your sensors and motors, LCD right here.

- A set of about 50 breadboarding wires of
  different sizes

IDE with complete development tools
   ( For Windows ,Linux & Mac OS X)

Look here for fun projects you can do with this kit :


We are engineers and also hobbyists who passionately involve in embedded system and software projects. These development boards are the best value kits to start your first microcontroller projects. As part of the open source community, we are more than happy to provide you with technical supports in regards to our products if needed.


We provide warranty for any defects in manufacturing. Feel free to get back to us if you have any issues.For any of our products combined shipping is welcome.



Price: $59.99
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