esp8266 wifi starter kit


Connecting to the internet has not been easier, With the advent of the new IOT ( Internet of things) module ESP8266 its a breeze to connect your microcontroller and

Arduino projects to the internet.

Things you can do with this module:

  • Send you sensor data to server
  • Send an email every time an event occurs, like someone triggering a PIR sensor while you are out on vacation
  • Have an Arduino display what the weather would be like today by getting data from metservices
  • See if your plants need watering by having the Arduino send humidity data through wifi
  • You fill in the rest with your creativity and imagination

ESP8266 specs


Detailed technical specs and SDK with examples

  • 802.11 b / g / n / d / e / i / k / r support
  • Wi-Fi Direct (P2P) support
  • P2P discovery, P2P group master mode (Group Owner mode), P2P Power Management
  • Infrastructure Network (Infrastructure BSS) station (Station) mode / P2P mode / SoftAP mold
  • hardware acceleratorPre-Certification
    • CCMP (CBC-MAC, counting mode)
    • TKIP (MIC, RC4) o WAPI (SMS4)
    • WEP (RC4)
    • CRC
    • WPA / WPA2 and WPS support
    • Other 802.11i security features:

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What comes as part of the ESP8266 starters kit:

1. Mini Breadboard


2. Breadboard  power supply for providing the 3.3V required by ESP8266

3. ESP8266 module


4. ESP8266 headers, without which you cannot mount them on the breadboard

5. 9V Power Adapter for the breadboard power supply

Complete kit:

Instructions to talking with the ESP8266 with FTDI USB serial or via Arduino:


1. Why is the 9v adapter needed? Can't I power with Arduino's 5V?

A. The Esp8266 can draw upwards of 300mAmps, The Arduino power supply would struggle to power the ESP and the Arduino and cause brownout errors. For this reason having a separate power adapter helps.


    Price: $39.99
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