Make ESP8266 host a webpage


This Arduino and ESP8266 based project features a PIN protected door lock that can be remotely accessed with a WiFi connection from your smart phone, tablet or WiFi enabled computer - welcome to the world of IoT (Internet of Things). This means that by using a PIN for security you are able to remotely lock and unlock a door and remotely check the state of that lock at anytime to see if it’s locked.

Wiring Things Up

Using all the parts in the kit, refer to the following diagram to wire together all the components:

ESP8266 fritzing diagram

Because the ESP8266 will not directly plug into the breadboard, use the supplied header pins to help it fit.

The kit also comes with a power splitter. Connect the female end of this to the AC wall adapter with the two male connectors going to the DC barrel jack on the breadboard power supply (shown on the left of the diagram above), and also to the DC barrel jack which connects to the relay and door lock solenoid.

When all connected up it should look something like this:

ESP8266 lock wried up

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