IOT programming kit for starters ( ESP8266 board )


CH340 v3 NodeMCU

Node MCU has revolutionized IOT industry with its simple design and a wide range of features. It is like an Arduino Board with a built-in WiFi module. You can simply program Node MCU (just like Arduino Board) and develop IoT applications. For more enhancements, Node MCU can be directly connected with the Arduino Board.

Main features of Node MCU:

  • Economical and easy to use
  • Open source platform for IoT applications
  • Integrated low power chip
  • Suitable for automation and telemetry projects

NodeMCU CH340 v3 specs:

  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi support
  • 32-bit RISC CPU Tensilica Xtensa LX106
  • Built-in LNA, Power Amplifier, TR Switch, and Matching Network
  • 80 MB Operating Frequency
  • 4 MB Flash Memory
  • 64 KB SRAM
  • 1 UART on GPIO2
  • 16 Digital I/O Pins
  • 1 Analog Input Pin
  • 7-12V Input Voltage

NodeMCU pin diagram:

    CH340 v3 NodeMCU pin diagram

    What comes as part of the IoT starters kit:

    1. Mini Breadboard

    Bread Board

    2. CH340 V3 NodeMCU Board

    CH340 v3 NodeMCU

    3. 5V Power Adapter for power supply

    4. 10 Segment 4 Color LED Strip

    10 Segment 4 Color LEDs

    Complete kit:

    Complete kit

    Instructions on programming NodeMCU v3 using Arduino IDE

    Home Automation with NodeMCU

    Weather forecast with NodeMCU

    Motion detection with NodeMCU

    Publishing temperature reading to ThingSpeak



    Price: $45.00
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