Laser Measure : Accurate and Fast Distance Measurement


Laser rangefinders are also used in several industries like construction, renovation, sports and real estate as an alternative to a tape measure, and was first introduced by Leica Geosystems in 1993 in France.

To measure a large object like a room with a tape measure, one would need another person to hold the tape at the far wall and a clear line straight across the room to stretch the tape. With a laser measuring tool, the job can be completed by one operator. Although the tape measure is typically more accurate, laser measuring tools can be calibrated to be generally reliable when taking several measurements. Laser measuring tools typically include the ability to produce some simple calculations, such as the area or volume of a room, as well as switch between imperial and metric units.

Our product comes with some very useful features which include:

  • Area Measurement
  • Volume Measurement
  • Pythagoras modes to measure hard to reach heights
  • Addition/Subtraction operation


  • Measuring distance areas, volume of home layouts for laying carpets of DIY work
  • Measuring distances of roof, ceiling height
  • Measuring cable lengths needed for wiring
  • Measuring tank levels
  • Measure distances between pumps, pump lines for water pressure calculations
  • Measure distances for placing sprinklers for gardening etc
Domain specific applications:
  • Construction: Measure distance, area, volume, and indirect height for construction projects, such as determining the dimensions of rooms, buildings, and landscapes
  • Surveying: Measure distance and height for land surveying and mapping, such as determining property boundaries and elevations
  • Industrial: Measure distance and height for industrial applications, such as determining the dimensions of machinery, and for quality control and inspection
  • Interior design: Measure distance and dimensions for interior design projects, such as determining the size and layout of a room before renovation
  • Real Estate: Measure distance and dimensions for real estate projects, such as determining square footage of a property
  • Renovation: Measure distance and dimensions for renovation projects, such as determining the size of a room before and after renovation
  • Logistics: Measure distance and dimensions of shipping containers, pallets and other products, to optimize storage and transportation.

Advantages of laser distance measure vs traditional tape measure

  • Measuring cross room requires 2 people one to hold tape at each end, With a Laser measure it becomes a one man job
  • Measure hard to reach places, roof tops, Roof celiling heights, These are very difficult and some times impossible to do with traditional tape measure
  • Easy to take multiple measurements, in short span of time
  • Measure volume of room, area of carpet without using a calculator and paper
Laser Distance(m)   60m    
Accuracy(mm) ±1.5mm 
Unit in/ft
Laser Level 635nm, Class II
Continuous Measurement yes
Automatic Calibration yes
Data Storage 30
Addition/Subtraction yes
Length Measurement yes
Area Measurement yes
Volume Measurement yes
Auto Laser Off yes
Buzzer Indicate Buzzer Indicate
Auto Power Off yes
Operate Temperature 0℃~40℃
Relative Humidity RH85%
Power AAA 1.5V * 2   (Not included)
Product Color Varies
Package Weight 220g~228g
Product Size 112*50*25mm
Accessories Pouch



Price: $69.00
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