LED inspection headlights


When you are out repairing and getting into hard to get places, Poor lighting is a problem. This product is a perfect fit for the auto man who has to get to difficult places.

This head mounted LED light has a max brightness of 6000 Lumen brightness. The base is adjustable for making it light up the correct area and very comfortable to mount on the head.

This is a must have tool when you are out doing maintainance and fixing.

Repair Headlamp:

CREE XML T6+2 XPE Headlamp
Model of LED: CREE XM-L  T6+2 XPE  LED
Output bright can come to max 6000 lumens [lm]
Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit, working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent
Waterproofing design
Adjustable base is provided for each head lamp, with back and forth inclination
Color: Black
Dimension : 83 x 37 x 58mm
Weight : 219g 

3 Modes of operation:
  • 1x Cree XM-L U2
  • 2x Cree XM-l XPE
  • 3x Cree XM-L XPE/ Flashing

Model of Battery required: 2x 18650 3.7v(Not included)



Price: $29.99
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