LightDrive: Solar powered magnetically levitating machine


Solar power is one of the most abundant sources of energy, Light Drive uses the solar power to drive a tiny motor which is magnetically levitated.

This model blends in multiple technologies together to achieve its operation. It uses magnetic levitation to create a very low friction rotation mechanism which allows it to spin for a very long time with the smallest amount of sunshine.

This makes it a great science toy to have on your desk and have it spinning for hours on end with a glimmer of sunshine.

Inside the LightDrive is a simple Mendocino motor which is clever system developed by Daryl Chapin from Bell Labs, it has been refined many times overĀ  to get to the LightDrive.

The 4 donut magnets provide the magnetic suspension and the pancake like magnet on the bottom provides the magnetic field for the solar motor.

One end of the motor is entirely suspended in air due to the magnetic fields from the donut magnets and hence the magnet has the least amount of friction when running.

This is great science toy for the inquisitive mind which give you hours of fun as well as displays the concepts of magnetic levitation and highly efficient Solar powered motor.



Price: $89.90
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