DIY Line-Following Robot Kit with Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions


Description: Introducing the Intelligent Tracking Line Smart Car Kit, a fantastic DIY electronic project for Arduino enthusiasts. This kit is designed to help you build a line-following robot that utilizes a photosensitive resistance device and the LM393 dual voltage comparator integrated circuit. Ideal for learning electronics, motor control, and understanding the inner workings of light-sensing systems for locomotion, this kit is perfect for hobbyists, students, and experimenters alike.


  • Photosensitive resistance device for high sensitivity and stable performance.
  • LM393 dual voltage comparator integrated circuit, featuring two independent precision voltage comparators.
  • Comprehensive smart tracking line car kit with an easy-to-follow assembly process.
  • DC motor with gear reduction for efficient and precise control.
  • Introduces the builder to electronics, motor control, and light-sensing systems for locomotion.
  • Versatile applications, including experiments, industry, school, electronic DIY projects, robotics, and remote control cars.


  • Model: Smart Line Following Robot Kit
  • Colors: Blue
  • Device: Photosensitive Resistance
  • Motor: DC Motor with Gear Reduction
  • Build Instructions link

Package Includes: 1 x Intelligent Tracking Line Smart Car Kit 1 x Assembly Guide

To note this kit requires soldering and standard 2 x AA batteries are required to operate it ( batteries are not included as part of kit )

Bring your electronic skills to the next level and create your very own line-following robot with this line tracking smart car kit, Get one now to get started on your next exciting DIY project.



Price: $49.99
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