Mars rover - robotic platform


The Mars rover platform is a robust and easily adjustable (manually) track drive chassis that is perfect for robotics hobbyists.

It has two DC motor built-in, and it's already assembled. A 6-slot battery case is also included.

The height of the track wheels are adjustable.

Dimension: 245mm length x 225mm width x 74mm height

The batteries are not included.

Check out other products to get a Arduino and Motorshield to build a complete programmable platform!

specs provided by the manufacturer:

  • Dimensions: 245mm length x 225mm width x 74mm height
  • Adjustable height: 74mm-100mm
  • Ground clearance: 21mm-50mm
  • Operating voltage: 7.2V
  • Operating current: 160–180 mA
  • Maximum speed: 30 cm/s(speed can reach 42cm/s at 12 V)
  • Maximum climbing angle: > 30°
  • Maximum payload: > 7.5Kg

Note: the specs above should only used be as a reference, performance of individual platform may vary due to manufacturing tolerance, battery type and operating conditions.




Price: $139.00
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