Massage gun


High Frequency Electric Massage Gun


If you are a work-out enthusiast or someone with muscular pain, this hand-held, compact, high-frequency massage gun can do wonders for you.

In a typical work out session, there are three periods of muscle action - the warm-up, the exercise, and the recovery. In each of these periods, what your muscle goes through are entirely different phenomena. A High Frequency massage gun can bring efficiency and comfort to your work out.


During the warm up stage, you are getting the muscle to get warm and the blood flow in the body increased to provide warmth. The percussive massage gun can prepare your muscle with cramp reduction and increased flexibility.

Using the Massage Gun for 30 seconds at the target muscle will “wake-up” the muscle and instantly activate it. Recommended to use before you use muscle specific gym equipment.

Static Stretching time can be reduced.

During work-out:

The massage gun can be used in the target muscle for 15 to 20 seconds in between the work out to relieve any muscle spasms that you may experience when increasing the intensity level of the work out. It can also re-energize and fight fatigue, allowing you to increase the number of repeats possible.

Post work-out:

The massager can also be used for up to 2 minutes after the workout, to get immediate pain relief if required. The massage also decreases soreness and improves muscle recovery.
Using the massager in a planned approach can optimize muscle activation and maximize muscle recovery.
Body weight foam-rolling can be eliminated.

Professional athletes can say good-bye to DOMS: 

Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is a condition that many professional athletes face during training. Muscles tend to become sore after the workout, sometimes so delayed, that the damage to the muscle is already done before recognizable symptoms appear.

Professional athletes need to strengthen one specific muscle to gain certain performance aspects and avoiding DOMS is important in such situations. As an example, Pole-Vault athletes need the specific muscle groups to be super efficient in those few seconds when you put it to high strains. Even volleyball and basketball players use specific muscles during a spike or a 3-pointer shot.

Using a good massage gun in the recommended fashion can completely eliminate DOMS by caring for the muscle before, during and after the exercise regimen.

Other known benefits: 

The massage gun is also known to provide other numerous long term benefits such as the following

  • Accelerated Muscle Recovery and Repair
  • Better relaxation
  • Comfortable sleep patterns
  • Deeper Breathing
  • Enhanced activation of Nervous System and muscles
  • Good blood circulation
  • Higher Oxygen levels in the bloodstream
  • Increased lymphatic flow
  • Kick up lactic acid removal
  • Lowering of Blood Pressure
  • Muscle pain, fatigue, soreness and tightness reduction
  • Natural Stress Relief
  • Overriding of pain signals to the brain
  • Quicker breaking up of scar tissues
  • Reduction in muscle cramps
  • Spasm and stiffness relief of muscles
  • Toxin removal


Head options

This specific product has 6 massage head options that can be used interchangeably in the device.

Each shape of the head provides optimum massaging to various muscles in the body, as detailed below. 

Ball Head: This is a spherical shaped head, this is useful when massaging large muscle groups in the body. Specifically suited for the back, chest and hips.

Bullet shaped Head: This shape is suited for muscles or tissues that are a bit deep inside the body from the contacting skin surface. Typically used in Acupressure points, tendons in the feet, joints, soles and the palm. Provides focused vibrational pulses to a small area.

Flat Head: The flat head can be used at all parts of the body, including waist, back and arm. The wider surface area of contact with slight curvature provides the massaging vibration to penetrate through a larger area of the body.

Spade shaped Head: This shape is recommended for body bones and muscle relaxation. Can be used where longer muscles are present. Examples are upper arm, lower arm, upper back, forehead, calf muscles etc.

Thumb shaped Head: This one is recommended for use in softer tissue areas such as the hand, feet and facial muscles.

U-shaped Head: This shape provides two touch points close to each other, and is beneficial to locations which are sensitive, such as Neck, Shoulder, Bony areas, and sensitive muscles.


Net weight:  850 grams

Product weight: 1.5 Kg

Heads:  Six (6) heads, interchangeable

Control: LDC Touch Screen

Power Supply:  Lithium Ion Battery

Battery Capacity:  2400mAh

Number of Gears (Speed levels): 20  



1. What is the expected battery life?

Under normal usage conditions, the battery should run for 4 to 6 hours. Since it is a rechargeable battery, we recommend recharging after each day’s usage.

2. How should I care for the heads?

The heads must be wiped clean after each use. It is recommended not to use the massage gun with oil, creams, balms or other skin products as the massage gun is not aimed at the skin, but deeper tissues and muscles. You can apply skincare after using the massage gun.

3. Can I share the unit with my friend?

Since the massage heads come to contact with your skin, we recommend that each individual use separate units to be safe and to avoid any skin irritation.



Price: $179.99
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