Arduino Mega 1280 ProtoShield Combo


This is the Mega version of the ProtoShield combo. The Mega 1280 has much more capability than the Arduino Duemilanove 2009, it has got more on board memory, more processing power and more I/Os. With this kit, prototyping with the Mega will never be easier, especially for beginners! Circuits can be tested on the breadboard, once they are working, they can be soldered onto the ProtoShield to be made permanent.

This kit includes:
- Arduino Mega 1280 
- USB cable (not shown in photo)
- Mega ProtoShield
- Mini breadboard
- IDE with development software for Windows, Linux, Mac and lots of code examples
- A bunch of breadboard wires (not shown in photo)

The Arduino Mega clone specs :

  •   Powerful ATmega1280 Processor:
  •   128KB of Flash, 8KB RAM, 4KB EEPROM
  •   53 digital I/O
  •   14 PWM Channels
  •   16 Analog Inputs
  •   4 UART Channels
  •   SPI Interface
  •   I2C Interface
  •   USB interface (Used for power supply + Programming )

A Easy start to your first microcontroller project...

Free source code and example available at:

Look here for fun projects you can do with this kit :


We are engineers and also hobbyists who passionately involve in embedded system and software projects. These development boards are the best value kits to start your first microcontroller projects. As part of the open source community, we are more than happy to provide you with technical supports in regards to our products if needed.


We also provide warranty for any defects in manufacturing. Feel free to get back to us if you have any issues.



Price: $69.00
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