Moisture meter, dampness detector


Moisture Meter, Dampness Detector, Hygrometer


MT-18 model Moisture Meter/Dampness Detector is a sturdy hand-held device that can be used to measure the moisture content of many materials and to detect dampness in multiple locations. The unit has a high-precision probe and HD display.

The meter can be used to detect and measure the moisture levels in materials such as

  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Floor
  • Wall
  • Medicinal and Agricultural Products
  • Cardboard and Carton Materials 


Technology and usage: 

The device uses a very simple technology of using the electrical properties between the two probe points. Once the probes are in touch with the surface of the material to be tested, the small electrical pulse analyzes and measures the electrical property of the material and converts the measured response into the moisture content of the material. 

Display shows the moisture content in an easy to read format, with one decimal place, which is the sensitivity of the equipment. Display is LCD.


Once the type of material is selected, the meter can be used by touching the surface with the two probes and then measuring the moisture level in the material.

Under the Wood option, there are 4 categories of wood material that are possible to be tested.

Category A: covers Afrormosia, Cord, Imbuia, Kokrodua, Niove Bidinkala, Rubber tree, Teak and Walnut.

Category B: covers Beech, Cedar, Keruing, Tola and White Poplar.

Category C: covers Ash, Cherry, Elm, Fir, Lauan, Maple, Oak and Padauk.

Category D: covers Basswood, Birch, Larch and Pine.

This option is suited for users in the timber and wood industries, furniture manufacturers, plywood and processed wood product users, etc.

Under the Paper option: Cardboard, Carton Paper, and regular Paper can be tested.

Under the Wall option: Wallboard and Sheetrock can be tested.


Home owners can use the device to check dampness in walls, false ceilings, wooden floors, to detect potential water leakage location in concealed plumbing, storage boxes where water damageable materials (like books and old photographs) are kept, to prevent termite attacks (damp wood is a breeding ground for termites), basement walls and cellar walls, backside of roofs, patio wood, barns, etc.

Farmers can use the device for checking water content of produce as well as wood.

The unit can also be used by curators in museums, quality control personnel in industries and tech enthusiasts anywhere.


The unit is easy and simple to maintain. The probe is protected by a cover which needs to be in place when the meter is not used. If the surface that is measured is wet or sticky, the probes need to be wiped clean with a dry cloth before being stored. The probes can also be gently cleaned with soap solution using a towel, if required. Store the unit in a dry place, away from sunlight. We recommend the batteries to be changed at least once in 6 months or sooner, if the battery indicator shows low battery.


Technical details

Model Number: MT-18

Style: Hand-held Detection

Design: Dual Pin Sensor

Length of probe: 10mm

Accuracy: 0.5% typical

Resolution: 0.1%

Ranges: Wood 4% to 75%; Paper 4% to 90%; Wall 0.2% to 24%

Power supply: 2 Nos of 1.5V AAA type batteries


Package Dimensions and Weight: 

Dimensions: 16 cm x 9 cm x 4 cm

Weight: About 200 grams gross


1. What precautions should I take in using the device?

The probes have sharp ends, the user must take caution not to scratch or poke oneself or others when using the device. When not being used, it is recommended to keep the cover of the probe in place to avoid accidental scratching or poking to skin.

2. Should I poke the surface with the probe or just touch?

It is recommended to gently press the probes onto the surface to be tested. This is to ensure proper electrical contact. The wood, paper or cardboard surface may show marks or small holes from the probe after testing, so it is recommended to test in a discardable sample or at a surface location that is not visible later. Gently touching the surface may not provide sufficient contact to have a good and accurate reading.



Price: $69.99
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