L298 Motor Controller


This is a low cost motor controller. Although it's not an Arduino Shield, it can be used with Arduino or any other microcontroller platforms. This module allows you to connect 2 DC motors and have total control of them from the arduino. It also can be used to control one 4-wire stepper motor. Due to its high current rating, it's perfect for a single channel heavy duty stepper motor controller.

It allows you to move each DC motor
- Clockwise
- AntiClockwise
- Stall
- Control motor speed

A 4-way stripped wire is included.

This motor controller uses a L298 H-bridge IC
deliveries output current up to 2 A each channel. The speed control is achieved through conventional PWM which can be obtained from Arduinos PWM output Pin 5, 6, 9 and 10.

Peak Output Current (each Channel)
- Non Repetitive (t = 100 ms): 3 A
-Repetitive (80% on -20% off; ton = 10 ms): 2.5 A
-DC Operation: 2 A
Analog voltage input:  
Vcc input:
7 - 35 V with jumper J3 short circuit, which gets regulated to 5 V and it's available on the +5 V terminal.
5 - 35 V with jumper J3 open circuit, a seperate 5 V input is needed to the +5 V terminal.
Digital voltage input: VD = 5 V (7 V max), this is output 5 V when jumper J3 is short circuit, and input 5 V when J3 is open circuit.
Max power dissipation: 20 W

There is a voltage regulator that regulates the Vcc to 5 V for digital use.

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Price: $18.00
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