Infrared Thermometer


Non Contact IR Thermometer


If you always wanted a handy device to check temperatures of multiple devices and instruments, this product completely fulfils your requirement.

This handy non-contact IR thermometer can help you detect the temperature of your fireplace to your freezer. Whether checking hot surfaces or cold ones, this IR thermometer works like a charm. 

You can check the temperatures of the following:

  • Freezer surfaces and food items stored inside
  • Fireplace
  • Inside of the oven
  • Car engine
  • Car radiator
  • A running motor (fan, water pump)
  • Kettle
  • Hot plate
  • Compressor in your refrigerator
  • Your hot coffee, tea

In a hospital, industrial or warehouse setting also the unit comes super handy to ensure that products that need to be stored hot or cold are indeed stored at the recommended temperature. Many medicines and injections are to be stored in cold temperature to ensure that they stay effective till it is administered.

Industrial units have numerous equipment that run efficiently at the required temperatures. Presses and ovens have to run at specific temperatures to ensure that the final product’s quality requirements are met. Air conditioner units run most efficient if the cooling coil and the refrigerants are operating at the optimal temperatures. Pizza ovens need to be at specific temperatures to ensure complete baking in a given time. All these can be checked and monitored using this handy non-contact IR thermometer. Ideal for workshops and garages and repair shops to show customers where the issues are.

Infra-Red technology used in the device means that you do not have to touch the surfaces with a probe, and the device can be held at a safe distance from the hot or cold surface and still the temperature can be checked. This also means that the operator has no risk as his hand or palm is not exposed to the high or low temperatures. The non-contact feature also ensures zero contamination in the current Covid situation. 




This IR thermometer can be used for two operative modes.

Regular Non-Contact mode: All the above mentioned applications are possible in this mode

Alarm mode: If the temperature of a surface is above or below the limits of the device, an alarm automatically sounds. Any equipment surface above or below the operating range of the device will give the alarm, so the equipment can be shut off and maintenance called for. 


The unit offers the following features - 

  • Non contact temperature testing
  • Beautiful and orderly LCD Display screen
  • Ambient Humidity display 
  • Ambient Temperature display 
  • Area of measurement display (with laser)
  • Battery indicator
  • Data retention


The unique feature of 12 point circular display of the area of measurement allows the user to ensure that the unit is held at the correct distance from the object to be tested. For a large surface area object, the device can be farther away, while a small area object would need the device to be held closer to the object. The 12 point display guides the user to adjust the distance in an intuitive feedback approach.

How to setup and use:

Technical details

  • Runs on: 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Weight of unit: 227 grams
  • Temperature Range: -50 to +600 Degree Celsius
  • Option of using Celsius or Farenheit units
  • 0.5 second measurement
  • 1.9 inch display screen
  • Emissivity data display, reflectivity adjustable
  • Response spectrum - 8 to 14 micrometers
  • Distance from object to hold the device = upto 12 times the diameter of the area to be measured.



14 cm x 9.4 cm x 3.2 cm


1. Is this a portable unit?

Absolutely. The unit is compact, comes in a box, runs on batteries and can be taken anywhere you go.

2. What is a good distance to operate the non contact thermometer?

The unit has lasers to guide the location being tested. The 12 point markers allow the user to ensure that the IR beam is completely inside the region of the surface being monitored.

Users have to ensure that the laser is not pointed dangerously. For example, lasers should not be pointed at someone’s eyes. This can potentially damage the vision.



Price: $49.99
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