OBDII Car Diagnostic Scanner ( Supports OBD, OBDII )


Every car owner loves to know how well his vehicle is doing, When things are not going well its handy to know what part of the auto is not working well.
For skilled mechanics it comes easy, just the sound of the hum of the engine will tell them the story. For the rest of us there is the OBDII Scanner tool which simplifies the process and
tells you whats going on under the hood.
This OBD device is simple to operate, all you need is a phone running android and figure out where the OBD connector plug is situated in your car. In most cars its placed in a very accesible place and
a short search in internet will tell you where to find it.
The OBD connector in the car looks like this:
How to Install Torque Android App 
  • Search in Google Play for Torque App and install it



Price: $29.99
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