2 x Brother P-Touch TZ 231 compatible tape



TZ 231, TZe-231, TZe221  compatible tape is a replacement or replenishment cartridge for BROTHER brand printers used to make labels.

The tapes have very wide applications for both personal and industrial purposes.

  • STUDENTS can personalize Books, Files, Folders, Pencilboxes, Waterbottles, Backpacks, Umbrellas, Shoes, Jackets, Caps, and any other items they take to school or college. Even Toys and Gifts can be labeled.

  • HANDYMEN can mark various Tubes, Electrical Wires, Waterlines, Switches, Cables, Parts, Ducts, Components, Tools, Computer Parts, Junction boxes, or Locations of access.

  • CHEFs can label various Spices, Salt-and-Pepper, Kitchen utensils, Cabinets, Cleaning supplies.

  • LABORATORIES can label Chemicals, Additives, Reagents, Glassware, Testing apparatus, or any other items to avoid cross-contamination


This tape is compatible with numerous BROTHER brand printers. The complete list of printers is provided below.

  • PT18R
  • PT200
  • PT300
  • PT310
  • PT320
  • PT330
  • PT340
  • PT350
  • PT520
  • PT530
  • PT540
  • PT550
  • PT580c
  • PT1000
  • PT1010
  • PT1090
  • PT1100
  • PT1100sb
  • PT1120
  • PT1130
  • PT1160
  • PT1170
  • PT1180
  • PT1190
  • PT1200
  • PT 1230PC
  • PT1280
  • PT1300
  • PT1400
  • PT1500pc
  • PT1600
  • PT1650
  • PT1700
  • PT1750
  • PT1760
  • PT1800
  • PT1810
  • PT1830
  • PT1880
  • PT1900
  • PT1910
  • PT1950
  • PT1960
  • PT2100
  • PT2110
  • PT2200
  • PT2210
  • PT2310
  • PT2400
  • PT2410
  • PT2430PC
  • PT2500PC
  • PT2600
  • PT2610
  • PT2700
  • PT2710
  • PT3600
  • PT7500
  • PT7600
  • PT9200PC
  • PT9200dx
  • PT9400
  • PT9500
  • ST5
  • ST1150 and all Brother P-touch label makers that use TZ tapes.

Features and Properties: 

The labels are very sturdy and resilient to tough usage atmosphere.

  • Abrasion-Resistant
  • Chemical-Resistant
  • Water-Resistant
  • Heat-Resistant
  • Fade-Resistant; and offers
  • Strong Adhesion.


Usage and care: 

The cartridge comes in a weather-protected package. Open the package only when you are ready to install the cartridge into the printer. Open the printer, remove the old cartridge and install the new cartridge exactly in the same position as the old cartridge. Dispose of the used cartridge according to local regulations.

Typically, the tapes do not leave a residue when removed. If this happens, wipe with alcohol or solvent in a cotton swab to remove the adhesive from the surface.


Product: Printer ribbon in a cartridge

Compatible Brand: BROTHER

Tape Width: 12 mm 

Length of tape: 8m total

Color: Black print on white background

Material: PET on an adhesive backing

Print Technology: Direct Thermal Printing

Number of Cartridges per pack: 1



Price: $29.99
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