Wiring the motion sensor and camera to the Raspberry pi

Assembling instructions

Please follow instructions carefully, without power supply on all devices.

Raspberry Pi uses Micro SD card as a main data storage. Carefully insert Micro SD card into a slot

Plug WiFi dongle to any of USB sockets

Connect Raspberry Camera module. Its connector is located between Audio and HDMI connectors. Carefully pull up a bracket, insert flat cable and push the bracket down to secure the cable.

Connect Ethernet cable to RPi and to your LAN (if you use wired connection)

Motion Detector and Temperature Sensor:

Here's shown how to connect it all using a breadboard:

You need to connect 5 wires to RPi, 3 for each sensor, 1 jumper wire (GND) and 1 resistor. Use jumper wires to pin temperature sensor's wires into breadboard sockets.

Raspberry Pi is powered by 5 V with usual Micro USB jack. When all devices are connected, ensure that everything is stable, no metallic things are under RPi and breadboard, and plug powered Micro USB to RPi. Raspberry Pi will start with lighting on with red LED and then with green LED blinking (SD card activity).

Allow RPi to boot (about 30-40 sec) and then proceed to setting it up.

During set up you'll need to connect to your local or WiFi network, ensure that RPi has Internet access, and register the account for Telegram Messenger CLI. This will be other account than you have on your mobile (if any).

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