Setup Wifi Access for the Wifi Datalogger

The Wifi datalogger can be set to use your wifi using the below steps:

  • Connect the battery to the datalogger
  • Press the large White button , while holding it pressed click the red button once. Keep the white button pressed until you see the green led flashing.
  • Now the device is setup for feeding in the Wifi details, Use your mobile phone or PC and look a list of Wifi networks available and you should see  WifiLog_Setup    
  • Connect to WifiLog_Setup wifi network and your mobile should redirect you to below page ( If not open browser and browse to )
  • Click Configure Wifi and you should see below screen, You should see your wifi network here, Click that then type in the Wifi password in the password box and then press save
  • The Datalogger will now connect to your wifi network and after about 30 secs of pressing save you should see the flashing green LED turn off. This means the wifi logger is configured and all good to go.

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