Slow Response Arduino IDE in Windows

Arduino IDE TOOLS menu is very slow

The following syndromes appear when using a computer with Bluetooth turned on:

  • Arduino IDE takes 30 seconds to start up
  • While other menus are fine, clicking on the “TOOLS” menu, it hangs for another 20 seconds

This problem is caused by the auto-scanning COM ports feature of the Arduino IDE. It gets confused when a Bluetooth COM port is present. To fix this problem, follow the steps below

1. Close all opened Arduino IDE

2. Go to the Arduino IDE directory, e.g. c:\arduino-1.0.1, instead of deleting the rxtxSerial.dll file, rename it to “rxtxSerial_original.dll”

3. Download, unzip and place this rxtxSerial.dll file to the directory

This is a common problem and it is discussed in this thread of the Arduino Forums.,46977.0.html

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