Touch screen Lcd for Arduino Uno & Mega 2.4 inch


Quite a lot of projects needs a screen to display information, be it temperature/humidity or vehicle speed or an image from the internet. This is a perfect display to fit these projects, it has 65k colors and a resolution of 240 x 320. It even has touch capablity and comes with code examples to make it easy to get started. You can build your touch sensitive interactive project using this display without much effort.

The shield works well with Arduino Mega and Uno, it comes with an SD card slot which can be used to store high resolution images and data. The details on how to access the SD card is given below.

Arduino Pin Connections

Arduino Pin LCD Shield Pin Use
3.3V 3.3V Power
5V 5V Power
A0 LCD_RD LCD Control
A1 LCD_WR   TOUCH_YP LCD Control / Touch Data
A2 LCD_RS     TOUCH_XM LCD Control / Touch Data
A3 LCD_CS LCD Control
D2 LCD_D2 LCD Data
D3 LCD_D3 LCD Data
D4 LCD_D4 LCD Data
D5 LCD_D5 LCD Data
D6 LCD_D6 / TOUCH XP LCD Data/ Touch Data
D7 LCD_D7 / TOUCH YM LCD Data / Touch Data
D8 LCD_D0 LCD Data
D9 LCD_D1 LCD Data
D10 SD_CS SD Select
D11 SD_DI SD Data
D12 SD_DO SD Data
D13 SD_SCK SD Clock

Link to library with examples to get the touch screen LCD working:

Install library in the <Path to Arduino IDE>/libraries folder 

Once installed open the File->Examples->SPFD5408 to view and run the examples

To access the SD card, download the sdfat library from this link

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Price: $39.99
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