Ultrasonic Motion detector


Long range ultrasonic sensor for detecting motion.

If there is movement it gives a HIGH on the output pin. If no motion is dected it stays LOW. This is meant for alarm system, auto lighting and robotic applications which needs to sense motion.

It only detects the presence of an object, doesn't measure the distance.

Motion detection, security systems, self-warning systems, robotics and many more.


  • Supply voltage: 6 - 12 V DC
  • Supply current: < 2 mA
  • Output voltage: 0 - 5 V
  • Sensing angle range: < 15 degree
  • Sensing distance: 8 m
  • Sensor resolution: 2 - 3 mm

tags: proximity sensor, transducer, distance sensor, proximity, motion detector, water sensor, parking sensor, proximity switch, wireless sensor



Price: $39.00
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