USB ISP AVR programmer


This USBtinyISP is one of the most popular and low cost USB AVR programmer.

ISP stands for in-system programming. It is open-source, easy to make, and simple to use programmer that works seamlessly with avrdude.

It's all you need to program any of your Atmel AVR processors.

It's been tested under Windows, Linux and MacOS X. Perfect for students and beginners who want to do lots of projects with different Atmel AVR processors.

Two ribbon cables are included

Works with: AVRDUDE, AVRSTUDIO v4.13 or later versions (using a workaround) , WINAVR






For windows, we use a modified LibUSB driver. You can download it here:

  • Windows USBtinyISP driver built with libusb v1.12. The windows binaries below are built for this driver. If you want to use the latest WinAVR, use this!
  • If you are using 64 bit windows Vista or 7 (or you're just plain having annoying problems with the driver above), try the Windows 7 x64 bit driver. You'll still need to click the button that says "install anyways" when it complains its not verified.

Once the driver is downloaded, plug in the USB Tiny ISP programmer, in Windows Start, right click "Computer" and select "Properties", in "Device Manager", select the USBTiny -> Properties -> Driver -> Update driver -> Browse my computer for driver software, point to the downloaded folder directory. The driver will then be installed.


The hardware of this programmer is open source. Its firmware and hardware are well documented in the open source community. 

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Price: $24.99
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