X-Y Joystick



The X-Y Joystick for Arduino is a compact dual axis module combining an analogue X, analogue Y and digital press switch control for your Arduino project.  The module provides a gamepad style joystick that interfaces through a 5 pin header, and gives a tactile feedback from the switch when the joystick is pushed down.


Dimensions: 4cm(l) x 2.6cm(w) x 3.2cm(h)

2 Potentiometers (for X and Y axes), 1 switch (vertically operated)

Connection: +5Vcc, Gnd, VRx, VRy, Sw.

Package Contains:

1 X-Y Joystick module.


Limited only by your imagination, typical applications could include control of robotics, cameras, CNC type projects, or volume and brightness controls.


Could I use this as part of a security or monitoring system?

Yes; it is ideally suited for such applications, allowing pan and tilt control, and the switch could be used to take a still shot, or to start and stop recording.

How could it be used for CNC, or in the workshop?

By using it as an interface for your project, connected to stepper motors this joystick would allow manual control of machinery.

Can I use it for a robot or turtle type project?

Absolutely; you could almost say that it was designed for just such applications.  The push button switch could be configured in software to toggle, for example, lights or a plotter style pen, or could activate a horn or buzzer.

I've heard that joysticks can be difficult to clean.  Does that apply to this product?

The rubber knob detaches from the board, providing full access to the potentiometers so that a proprietry contact cleaner aerosol has unimpeded access, should you choose to use this in a dusty environment.  In such situations, however, environmental shielding is still recommended.

What about mounting?

The module is pre-drilled at each corner to ensure that it can be robustly mounted however you choose.


Price: $17.99
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