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InfraEye: Thermal imaging kit


The visible spectrum is that part of the electromagnetic spectrum which our eyes can see, It can see light of wavelengths 390 to 700nm.

The long infrared window (wavelength 9 - 14 um) lies outside the range of human vision, There are fascinating applications when one can can see the infrared. This kit allows you to do just that.

All objects emit infrared radiation according to the black body radiation law, using this thermal cameras can see without the need of visible illumination. The applications of thermal imaging span many areas from medical, night vision to checking home insulation and finding sources of heat leakage.

Below is the sample image created using the kit of a heated oven. One can clearly see the hottest part of the oven as well as see the heat escaping from the oven to the surroundings.

How the kit works:

The kit uses a very sensitive contactless temperature sensor which measures temperature without contact. Unlike most temperature sensors, this sensor measures infrared light bouncing off of remote objects so it can sense temperature without having to touch them physically. Simply point the sensor towards what you want to measure and it will detect the temperature by absorbing IR waves emitted.

 This sensor can provide the temperature of one point, But to construct an thermal image we need many readings from different points. This is accomplished by having the sensor scan the area of interest and taking readings and using the data to construct the image.

The scanning is done using 2 axis gimbal which is rotated using X and Y axis servos, the scanner with the thermal camera is as shown below:

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Below is the image created by the InfraEye therma viewer when it scanned the heat dissipated by a LCD tv.

The kit set comes with all the bits you need to construct the InfraEye Thermal viewer and accompaniying Java application and Arduino source code.

This kit is a great learning experience and a source of endless fun. 

Fig: Thermal imaging done with a glass of hot water and tub with iced water

NOTE: There is a lead time of 10 working days for this kit

Kit setup Instructions:

1. Assembling the kitset

2. Setting up the software

3. Seeing some Thermal images and troubleshooting



Price: $149.00

Wifi Datalogger and monitoring system


Industrial and commercial projects need constant monitoring of sensors and collection of data in a format which is readily accesible and can be visualized with ease. For solving this problem we have developed a Datalogger and monitoring system which works over Wifi.

  The beauty of this system is its entirely self suficient, Does not need an existing wireless network. It simply creates its own Wifi access point and
the you can connect to it simply with a PC, android or Iphone.

What does this mean:

This means the user is able to monitor the temperature sensors connected to the datalogger in these simple steps

1. Smart phone (iphone, android ) or your PC sees "DATALOGGER" wifi network, simply connect to it.

2. Download the logged data in the format of Excel readable CSV files

3. See live graphs by clicking following this URL.

This device can be used for monitoring temperature for soil, industrial monitoring systems, vineyards etc. We do provide support to add different type of sensors to cater for other datalogging uses.

What comes with the purchase:

  • Datalogger
  • 2 x Temperature sensors (water proof,  -25 - 125 DegC range)
  • 5v Power adapter


1. Can this Datalogger connect to other sensors other than the ones which comes with it ?

A. Yes, we already have support for K type thermocouples ( works upto 500 Deg C ) as well as others, just contact us and post your needs we can get it working for you.

2. Will this sensor work in places with no Wifi coverage?

A. Yes, Since this device creates its own Wifi network, it can work in areas where there is no wifi coverage.

3. How does the graph look like?

A. The graphs would have the same look and feel as this one ( NOTE: For the datalogger the data would be 2 Temperature series lines )

4. Can I see a sample of the Excel readable file which the datalogger creates?

A. This sample CSV file was created by the logger. You can download it and view it in Excel. ( or openOffice )

3. Can I get you to add more temperature sensors of the same type to this logger ?

A. The standard package comes with 2 Temp sensors ( -25 - 125 DegC range),  for sure we can add more sensors to the Logger for a small cost.

4. Does this device need any assembling or is this a plug and play device ?

A. This is a plug and play device with no assembling required. You just have to power it and it should just work out of the box.

5. How do I view the graphs once the Datalogger is powered up ?

A. From your Mobile/PC connect to the Wifi network called 'DATALOGGER'. Once connected you can view the graphs by

    accessing this link

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Price: $395.00

Wifi weatherstation kit with Live Graphs


The devices which connect to internet has been shrinking at very fast pace, Now its got to the size which fits on your fingers and can not only connect to the internet but as also do some sensing.

ESP8266 chipset has made waves since it got introduced, Due to its small size and capablities. This is the first generation of IOT technologies which is going to change the way we live.

We use this powerful tiny module to build a complete WeatherStation kit, which collects Temperature, Humidity and Barometer readings. Not only does it collect the data, It stores it in the cloud for you to watch the data in the form of live Graphs from any device be it your mobile, PC or tablet. Isnt that cool....

With the purchase of the kit we give you a unique key, which is used to provide access to the cloud storage to store it as well as download the data.

Click here to see the Live Demo graph

You can use this kit for many purposes:


                   Fig: Electronic Barometer + Temperature + Humidity sensing

  • Room temperature logging
  • Home Insulation checks
  • Greenhouse monitoring
  • Industrial data logging
  • Recording change of weather in your area and publishing it on the web
  • Add more sensors like power monitoring and make this a multisensor IOT kit

Fig: View Live graphs from anywhere

There is a lot you can do with this powerful combination of low power sensor and cloud access.

The kit comes with complete step by step instructions to buid the kit.

1. The Esp8266 Weatherstation Cloud based Kit

2. Building the kit Weatherstation

3. Optional ESP8266 firware upgrade tutorial

Price: $129.00

Wireless Sensor and Data Logger


What can this box do?

This kit takes measurement of its two precision temperature sensors, and logs the data to a SD card. Both real time readings and stored data can be sent wirelessly to a PC.

How is it useful?

One of the two temperature sensors is located inside the box, and the other one outside on a 1.2 meter cable. By locating the two temperature sensors in two different areas (e.g. indoor and under floor). We can see the temperature variations of the two areas over time. One good use case is to measure how good your home insulation is. Having said that, this kit is designed with DIY in mind. Extra sensors can be added very easily, and soldering is minimum because of the use of the sensor shield. By adding a humidity sensor, light sensor, wind speed sensor etc, this box can be turned into a wireless weather station!

What is included in this kit?

This wireless sensor and data logger kit embodies a few very cool technologies: Real Time Clock, SD Card read/write, Bluetooth and one wire digital temperature sensor. Not only can it be easily turned into a general purpose wireless sensor logger, it also is a fantastic educational kit after all. This kit includes all the neccessary bits to construct a fully working wireless sensor logger, the package includes:

  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • Arduino Mega sensor and servo shield
  • USB cable
  • Real Time Clock module (onboard temperature sensor incl.)
  • SD card module
  • Kingston SD Card 1 GB
  • Bluetooth module
  • Temperature sensor
  • Waterproof case
  • Cable gland x 2
  • Some wires and accessories

Follow this 3-step tutorial to assemble this amazing kit.

Step 1: Interfacing Real Time Clock and Temperature sensor to Arduino Mega

Step 2: Interfacing SD Card Module to Arduino Mega

Step 3: Interfacing Bluetooth Module to Arduino Mega

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Price: $149.00

WiFi Switch: Turn your kettle on from your mobile


There isn't a cleaner way to control something through the internet than using this WiFi Universal Power Adapter. It's super easy to setup and use. Think off things you can control on/off by your cellphone, or computer , usage of this plug is only limited by your imagination.

Plug in the device you want into this socket and you are free to turn it ON from anywhere with your phone.

The app is designed to allow adding multiple sockets in your house and label them "Kettle", "Lights", "Heater" etc 

Effectively with this device you have the control of you entire home right in your pocket.

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Price: $59.99

Android app development Kit for Starters


Android is a great platform to start building your apps, but its not the simplest to start with. For that reason we at hobbyist have built a kit which will take you through the process of building an App step by step. We start with the bare basics and eventually take you into building an app which does some fancy home automation for you.

  It covers the basics of app development and then delves into using bluetooth wireless to talk to Arduino platform. This paves way for reading remote sensor data from the Android tablet and use it as a dashboard for home automation and doing remote robot control.


What you can accomplish with this kit :

  • Learn the basics of Android App development
  • Simple Hello World App
  • Make the app talk to an Arduino

       - Then read the moisture and temp of your garden

  • Read data from Arduino and turn ON devices with touch of a button.

       - Now you can turn on Lamps, Tv's, Heaters right from the app

  • Send a message wirelessly to an OLED display via the app

       - Make this your message board & leave messages to family/flatmates

Kit Contains

  • OLED Display
  • 1 Arduino
  • Temp & Humidity Sensor
  • Single Channel Relay
  • Bluetooth Module
  • BreadBoard and connector wires
  • Software tutorial and code

Other parts needed but not included:

  • An Android (3.0 or later) mobile/tablet with Bluetooth

4 Step Tutorial

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Price: $129.00

Home Automation : RFID Door lock access control kit


This kit consists of

Below are the 3 step tutorial for this kit

Step 1: RFID + LCD interface
Step 2: Motorised Lock Control
Step 3: RFID Door Controller

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Price: $119.00

Web Switch - Turn ON your kettle from the internet


Web Switch: Control your kettle or any power appliance from the internet!!

This cool kit allows you to control any electric appliance from the internet.
What does that mean ?
That means you can turn ON/OFF any appliance at your home from your iphone, Android, ipad, PC or laptop from Anywhere in the world..As long as you have access to a web browser.
Woooo..aint that an amazing power to lay your hands on.
Kit contents:


                  Arduino                              Ethernet shield                                      


        Sensor Shield                                       Relay Module 

Completed kit looks like this:


Tutorial link

Video of working kit :

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Price: $99.00
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