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Long range Arduino to PC wireless link


For some projects there is the need of a long range wireless connection between Arduino and your PC. This wireless module solves that problem by giving you a reliable line of sight link which works well for ranges between 0.5 - 1km range.

How does the module work?

The module provides a serial wireless link, On the Arduino end you connect it to the Serial RX & TX pins and the other module plugs into your PC and gets recognized as a Serial link.

Any data sent from the Arduino gets wirelessly transmitted over the vast distance and is recieved on your PC. All you need is to open your Arduino IDE serial monitor ( at 57600 baud rate ) and you start getting the data transmitted by the Arduino.

What do the modules look like?

The modules look like below and work at 433 Mhz and transmits 100mw of power. We have the modules paired and baudrate programmed to 57600, So they just work out of the box when you receive them.
  •  Light weight (under 4 grams without antenna)
  •  433MHz
  •  Receiver sensitivity to -121 dBm
  •  Transmit power up to 20dBm (100mW)
  •  Transparent serial link
  •  Air data rates up to 250kbps
  •  Default baudrate of 57600

Wiring to Arduino