DIY Arduino Weather Station


This is our original weather station kit. You will be surprised how much you can learn from it, such as how to connect sensors and write program to read the data, and display it on a LCD display. What you can do with this kit is only limited by your imagination. All the wiring diagram and datasheet is available from our website. We have include the source code in the tutorial to make sure that you can get it up and running once the components are hooked up. For any of our products combined shipping is welcome.  

The kit includes:

  •  Arduino UNO
  •  USB cable - Arduino ProtoShield + mini breadboard
  •  Breadboard wires (approx. 70 pcs)
  •  1402 Blue backlit LCD display
  •  Photo resistor
  •  Digital temperature and humidity sensor DHT11
  •  One potentiometer and some resistors
  •  Source code ( provided on purchase )

Its easy to add in more sensors (like windspeed etc) and customize it to do what you want!

  tutorial for building the kit in 3 Steps:

  1. LCD Interfacing             
  2. Sensor Interfacing
  3. Booting up the WeatherStation

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Price: $95.00
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