How to build a Web based WIFI Door lock using ESP8266

Traditional door locks have been around for centuries. With the advent of technologies like the internet and Wifi, locking and securing doors can be done in a smarter way.

This would remove the need to carry a bunch of keys around and all you would need is to remember the password. Makes it easy to share access with family and friends when needed, without having to drive over and drop keys.

With more enhancements one could make a one time key which would expire after first use or keys which work only during certain times of the day.

All this is possible now with our DIY tutorial to build an ESP8266 based Web locking.

Which comes with a nice web UI which can be accessed from your phone.

Steps to build the DIY Wifi door lock:

  1. Wiring up the Relays
  2. Hosting the Webpage on ESP8266 and accessing it from your Phone
  3. Unlock your door from the webpage
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