Arduino Delux starter kit


The Arduino as a computing module is a great start for someone who wants to learn programming, play with hardware and control things. Arduino as a platform makes it very easy to get started with loads of free example code bundled in its IDE.

To build some serious projects and to master this little board, what a hobbyist needs is a lot of sensors. Without sensors the Arduino is a like a computer without any purpose.

This Arduino kit fills that vaccum by giving the user a complete array of sensors to build complete projects one can be proud of and gives you immense learning.

The complete kit comes in a nice portable casing.

Some of the things one can build with this kit set is :

  •  Selectively give access to rooms or electronic gear using the RFID module
  •  Detect the weather using the Humidity and Temperature sensor
  •  Build a stepper motor driver and control its speed. 3D printer work using Stepper motors, controlling this is great fun and learning.
  •  Sense sound levels and build a clap sensitive switch
  •  Control Servo's, Most RC planes and robotics does heavy use of servos. Understanding the workins of Servo and control is great for automation
  •  Control of displays, be it LED's or 8 segment display or 16x2 LCD display
  •  Do actions at certain time of the day using the Real time clock module, this gives Arduino a sense of time

Kit includes:

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Price: $119.00
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